About Us

Greg Lee is a retired Veteran. After 22 years in Marine Corp, MSGT gained all the discipline, dedication, reliability and leadership that is required to manage a business. Greg worked for years in the IT field as an IT Systems Engineer and later as a Cybersecurity engineer, but always had a passion for cooking, smoking and grilling. As a child, he grew up in Washington, NC, where he learned about the use of different southern seasons from his Mom and Aunt Gertrude. After many years of smoking BBQ and cooking for family and friends, it was their praise and motivation that inspired Greg to share his grill master skills with the world.

Now Greg is known as Grill Master Lee! Greg stepped out on faith with the support of his wife, Veronica is known for her famous homemade cakes and delicious cheesy mac-n-cheese. This dynamic duo opened a catering business so that everyone will be able to enjoy their delicious meals created with southern spices, love, and hospitality of the south.